We Think Mobile First.

Any Business which has customer as its priority will definitely need a Mobile App based on the current trend. Users prefer mobile apps more than mobile websites now.

Netto Logik, Coimbatore (India) is a software company passionate about delivering innovative mobile apps for the comfort of customers that fulfils their demands. We implement creative ideas and strategies for any project by blending effective technology and phenomenal marketing after deep analysis of business processes.

As far as the popularity is concerned the majority of people use Android platform due to its reasonable costs, operational benefits and general features. Android OS currently dominates and rules the app market.

Furthermore Android development is the best solution for business purposes as the acceptance process is simple and easy. The consistency is brilliant with less bugs and crashes. Another advantage is android system will be compatible with all devices and the programming sessions doesn’t eat much time. Taking cue from our clients we create exceptional android mobile apps in less time span with ultra light UI at affordable rates. Netto Logik android developer team has experts with immense experience in evolving various android apps.

Accept the fact that mobile applications have become an opportunity pool for generation of leads and growing up your sales and making your business stand top. It proves to be the greatest communication with the target customers.

Every day the market is changing rapidly with new inventions and developments. Our team has proficient techies who are upgraded frequently and get involved in making stellar websites that can further expand your business. We have good track record on customer services and can answer your queries 24*7. We ensure better results and improvement from our mobile apps with social media integration.

Netto Logik Coimbatore expertises in

  • Native Android and iOS app development
  • Development of web based applications
  • Device Detection Features and Customization
  • Accessing the site content on all devices with major focus on design.
  • Tests on multiple devices
  • Usage of bleeding edge coding technologies and tools for developing apps.
  • We use popular Mobile Frameworks such as jQuery, PhoneGap, Appcelerator, Sencha Touch or based on the existing website we use custom light weight approaches.
  • Deployment on app hubs (Apple App Store and Google Apps Marketplace).