The most important element in designing is the “user interface” commonly denoted as UI. It enables the audience to interact with the application giving clear picture about how the website works! It consists of texts, buttons, images, entry fields and other general features assisting user to interact with the system. The colour, look, feel and menu items are designed to maintain consistency throughout the app. The shortcuts are provided for easy understanding. All the visual impacts and animations are designed after considering the user profile. Netto Logik Coimbatore has a team of designers specialized in building attractive UI which is efficient as well as responsive.

The major importance in the design process goes to User experience denoted as UX. Focus has to be given to user’s needs like what they really demand, what are their expectations on an app, what they value on a brand and what are the things that must be concentrated to make their experience greater. There should be simplicity and grace in order to achieve high quality UX. The navigations should be logical and the interactions should be easy with the UI elements

Netto Logik Coimbatore offers UX that addresses all the characteristics of a product from the user’s point of view. We provide you the best human-computer link and make the site more meaningful. We have deep understanding about users and design according to their digital expectations. Every single detail would be given maximum attention before execution of the UI process. Aspects like usability and accessibility will be worked by our designers before delivering the final product.

Netto Logik Coimbatore is an IT solutions provider company having team of professionals who are versatile in providing enormous services. We employ technologies that can solve all your business challenges. We are skilled under the following categories

  • UI and Interaction Design
  • Wire Frames
  • Wimes
  • UX Research and Testing
  • Website Template and Landing Page Design
  • Iconography
  • Blog Design

UX/UI Design

Before building the perfect design we understand and analyze your business completely and pick up the best IT strategy that works with customers. We will explain you all the complexities and discuss all possible solutions for any task that comes our way. The UI will look rich and simple keeping the users in mind and is sure to impress the target audience ending up in more traffic.

Web & Mobile Mock-up Designs

Web and Mobile mock-ups stand as a halfway between the initial and final project design. It is visually more detailed and gives some clarity for the entrepreneurs who are yet to operate the fully functional website. These mock-ups can get the required support from stakeholders as they are an excellent resource to gain confidence.


We build prototypes early in the process to get the necessary feedback from the customers prior to launch of the website. Prototyping saves cost as the changes can be done in the initial development of the project than modifications at the end. It improves the overall design process in a much quicker way.

User Journey

This is an important aspect in learning about user experience. Our designers invest time in user journeys for concluding how the users could possibly interact with the product on web. It will be useful to understand the behaviour of clients once you start to work out and discuss. Slowly we could identify the functional requirements for designing the interface.

UI/UX for Web & Mobile Apps

Our design process starts only after the satisfaction and approval from the clients. We give maximum priority and high focus on the customer’s demands to come up with the perfect UI. We constantly improve ourselves for giving the product the stunning look and right feel. We always make sure to use UI/UX that will make sense.


Again just like prototyping the wireframes are used early in the development process. It shows the basic visual design that exists on key pages. Our team designs the wireframes in such a way that the site meets user expectations in all possible ways. The wireframe format is cheaper and takes only less time to review. The design team gets confidence after the wireframes reassures the business objectives.