Device Responsive Design

As the name implies Responsive Web Design is the current approach in web designing world that responds and scales according to the screen size of the device you are using.

Netto Logik provides similar experience to the visitors for engaging themselves without any disorientation of the site. Our services are on par with the latest trends and technologies.

Desktop Vs Mobile Devices

Are the PC’s still in demand? The answer would be a straight “NO” because the whole world knows the internet is mostly accessed on mobile phones, tablets and iPad as people are exploring the internet on the go. The technology has been improving every micro second making us to turn around from big desktop screens to smart screens. We have no clue about what the future is going to give us but the huge demand in the Smart Phone market clearly shows how the world is obsessed with the small screen. You can find people without desktops/laptops in their home but not without smart phones. As the world changes, we need to approach web designs more aesthetically and give maximum customer delight.

Responsive web design is the major and essential discovery in web development and designing that allows the users to use the same version across all the platforms. With the help of media queries and the latest addition of HTML5 flex boxes and grids user experience is highly enhanced as the navigation and images are rendered perfectly according to the screens. Consistency is maintained across all the devices which is a huge bonus!

What is the need for responsive web design!

Let us understand the concept with an example. Imagine yourself as a business owner and having a website for your online promotion/digital marketing is mandatory. Do you think that every customer would visit your site through PC only? All the traffic that is getting accumulated in your page is mostly from the smart phones. So the basic website design won’t work. Your website must be compatible with any device providing internet.

Generally speaking it is not a great idea if you decide to have different versions for different devices. A website must be self regulating which means they should be resized /altered depending upon the tools from which they are being viewed. The screen size can be adjusted without the loss of any significant information. You can have different elements and features with a single site!

It can be a click or a touch but the user should be impressed with the presentation as well as content. There should be easy navigation and no graphics/images should be cut or confusing. With digital presence everywhere the conventional strategies are never going to work as we expect. Be unique and let the technology do its best!

With Netto Logik’s responsive website designs, your website can deliver the best impression to users no matter from which device they are accessing (desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone).

How does responsive web design work?

CSS is the language used for defining the presentation part of the website. The layout, look and feel of the web pages is managed through CSS. In short the theme of your website can be designed using CSS. If your company has any specific colors, logo etc and if you prefer any particular font for your website content, those things are managed by CSS.

Mobile devices will require smaller font sizes and fully stretched images which should occupy the full width of the screen whereas desktops and laptops require relatively higher font sizes and centered images with fixed sizes and some margins. This is where CSS comes into play.

With the highly skilled designing experts Netto Logik can deliver the best layouts for your site which provides substantial customer experience to the end users. Our Idea is to keep it simple but rich which attracts the audience easily.


  • Optimal design: With the responsive web designs screen resolution and device width are managed well using logical expressions. The end result would be worth viewing.
  • Full stop to redirects: There is no need for any redirections which consumes lot of time. The idea behind RWD is one step for all devices. The user enjoys pleasant browsing experience!
  • Maintenance Cost: The cost for maintaining the site is very low compared to the traditional methods as the changes would involve only single coding instead of different versions.
  • Top search rankings: Once the website is having good content and higher speed with user friendly functions it is possible to go up in the SEO.
  • Easy to monitor: Previously it was a hectic task to handle all the reports related to tracking users visiting your website but now it is easy to monitor and analyze the conversion rates.
  • Stay in the trend: It is better to stay ahead of your competitors by applying the strategies which are listed in the current trend increasing the benefits for your business.

Netto Logik offers everything based upon the clients requirements. Price is affordable compared to the other RWD providers. The team is capable of providing new leads and increasing the necessary traffic to your page. RWD shows no sign of negative impact and it is expected to grow in a massive way. For enquiry on all the newest layouts and designs contact Netto Logik today!